Welcome to My World


Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Victoria Shanholtz, and I'm giving you a glimpse into a very special place...a place of magic, a place for warriors, a place for scholars and storytellers, a place to let your imagination roam free ... my world. 

Whew! It’s hard to write about myself! I’d really rather write about Falko or one of his brothers or even the mysterious Den Onde!

   I’ve always written stories.  When I can’t write, I imagine stories in my head (especially if I am working a mundane job—which I’ve done a lot of—from being a crew member at Trader Joe’s to hosting at restaurants, and even a U.S. Navy hospital corpsman way back when). 

Somehow my play-pretend switch never switched off as I grew up. Stories make the boring times in my life strangely fulfilling. I can spend a day doing housework, facing cans on a shelf, whatever—and still find the time entertaining. I remember getting yelled at in school a lot for daydreaming LOL—I guess it’s just how my restless brain works.

I love writing stories and a very kind, wise woman named Bobbi Carducci suggested I share them with you. So, I have. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.

Welcome to my website and to my world of stories!

Victoria Shanholtz

Northern Lights series

Young adult mysteries set in the 9th century A.D. in Norway--complete with adventure, scary monsters,  a heinous villain, and magic thrown in to boot. 

The Reckling

Last night, a coming-into-manhood celebration. He's now an adult, at 12 winters of age, a Viking warrior. But today, Falko’s world is crumbling. His Afihis grandfather—and his Amma are murdered—and his eldest brother is accused. The village elders will do what they think is right, but one elder hates the entire family. How can Falko find the real killer and convince the elders of Haakon’s innocence–in only seven days? 

Available August 18th 2022

on Amazon and in your favorite bookstores.

Be sure to ask for it!

The Rending

The Erlandsons are recovering from a terrifying winter, grappling with disease, hunger, and death -- not to mention Winter Madness.  With no eligible women left alive, Haakon and Gerhart embark on a hazardous raid to find wives. Hallvor and Falko must plant crops and rebuild during the short summer. But when Falko vanishes, everything takes a wild turn. Could there possibly be another murderer? Is something even  more sinister waiting for them?

Coming Soon!